CQ160 CW 2016 – 9A1P – M/S

Call: 9A1P
Operator(s): 9A1UN 9A2NA 9A5CW 9A6XX S55M
Station: 9A1P

Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 35
Location: Southern Europe

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Total: QSOs 1488 State/Prov 41 Countries 80 Total Score 996,677


Club: Croatian Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2016-02-01 04:13:13
Hello contesters!

“As usual”, we “already” started to mount the station 10 hours before the contest start :). Papa guys, we have to do something about that in near future. The 27m tall L-L tuned vertical was already there, so the remaining job was to mount some more beverages and one EU covering INV V and assemble whole 2 radio setup. The field job was done by Patrik 9A5CW and Livio 9A3KS (Big thanks OC for help and support).

I assemble the station without problems (hmmm i thought so…) assuming (there is no assuming-it is called measuring HI)that isolation between BEV’s and TX antennas is high enough. Wrong!!!! After 20 hours of contest ( by Mr. Murphy that happened exactly, when for the first time I tried to sleep a little bit…)the Co-RUN radio RX was dead. Because we never give up, I tried to repair it on site (Radio is FT1KMV). Thanks to VA3CR (website owner) and Jussi-Pekka, OH6RX who already had same problem, i resolved the PIN diode problem in no time with one 1N4007, which was on hand. It is a dirty trick, but the radio made it to the contest end 🙂 . What to say about contest?

First night was, for us, way better than second. JA’s were louder and NA opening better. The standard operators come and go, because of job or other commitments, so I was the only one present for whole contest time. The crowd was incredible and at least the run radio had proper filters.

Thanks and congratulations to E7DX team for nice race on livescores. I really don’t know, why are other teams so shy about posting the score live. It is like watching the ski-flying championship and knowing the jump lengths after 2 or 3 days. What are You hiding? Strategy? With SDR and RBN that should not be the right reason! If You are good and honest HAM, there is nothing to hide! Anyway, congrats to S51V for outstanding score! Well done guys! Hat off… CU in next one and thanks for all QSO’s. As our team leader Dave 9A1UN loves to say “We (still) love this game!”

For the 9A1P team Adi S55M

Equipment used;

2xFT1KMV interlocked by “Barufante” sharing same PA. 27m tall vertical antenna tuned with coil (actually 2 coils) at the base with some 50 quarter-wave radials.

Bevs in NA-JA-OC-AF-SA directions. (We actually don’t their length, but normally we do them as long as the wire on hand is 🙂 )

RX splitter matrix by S55M.